Nancy Kramer Bovee
Overland Park, Kansas 2017
Artist Statement
I work in Clay with Colors,Textures, Form and Light from Patterns found in Nature. The sensual feel of shaping clay with my hands. Tiles born ofpaper cut o uts and pencil drawn images. Sharp blades cut into hand rolled clay tiles that are subtly sculpted. Repeated patterns echoing off of each other. Colored Terra Sigillata is applied. Glazes anoint. The element of fire
adding the unknown. Bright and vivid colors off a background of the earthiness of terra-cotta. Finally, all are suspended on an armature to lift and bring Light, an element of change into the mounted installation.
I Communicate through Clay.

Born in Coffeyville, Kansas 1958 and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. A childhood with freedom to explore a neighborhood of lakes, parks and quiet streets to ride bikes with neighborhood kids.
Drawing and painting came naturally and were encouraged from a young age. After a couple of years and ceramic classes at Kansas State University, I took a six week summer workshop at the Kansas City Art Institute. With an invitation from Ken Ferguson I transferred to the Art Institute where I studied Ceramics and graduated in December of 1980.
The first 10 years post college, I lived in Montana and set up a studio in Helena. I made functional pottery of terra-cotta clay with hand painted majolica glazes. After the birth of my daughter, I moved back to the midwest and began working on handmade and painted clay tiles. The flat tiles eventually morphed into sculpted, cut and altered shapes. These tiles mounted together on wood armature to unite and explore the effects of color, light, form and texture.
Today, I continue the exploration of nature through clay. The contrast between forms of bright color and light grounded on the earthiness of terra cotta clay.